Introduction to Research Group of Plant Stem Cells and Regeneration

Plant Regeneration

Regeneration refers to the ability to recover from damage. In animals, regeneration is mainly required for tissue/organ repair after wounding. In plants, however, regeneration is required not only for tissue/organ repair, but also for vegetative reproduction. The ability of plants to regenerate is widely exploited in agricultural technologies such as tissue culture, cuttage, layering, and grafting.

In seed plants, regeneration usually results in two different consequences. Firstly, damaged tissues can be repaired by tissue regeneration; and secondly, certain somatic cells can be used as a source to regenerate a whole plant via de novo organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis. De novo organogenesis refers to the formation of adventitious roots or shoots from the regeneration-competent cells in wounded or detached plant organs. De novo organogenesis may occur directly from the wounded or detached tissues/organs, or progress indirectly from the non-embryonic callus. Somatic embryogenesis is the process in which differentiated cells change their fates to become embryonic cells via dedifferentiation. The somatic embryos can be formed either directly from somatic cells or indirectly from embryonic callus.

Our Research Interests

For survival from severe natural conditions, plants have evolved powerful regenerative abilities, conferring specific cells with totipotency or pluripotency. The underlying theme of plant regeneration is the cell fate transition upon wounding or stress.

Our research is currently focused on three aspects of plant regeneration: (1) wound/stress signals that trigger regeneration; (2) the hormonal, genetic, and epigenetic controls of cell fate transition during regeneration; and, (3) evolution of plant stem cells and regenerative abilities.

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